Gasoline and Petrol Station (Gas Station) in Taiwan

In Taiwan, most of the place has quite convenient public transportation (train, bus, high speed rail, ferry, long-distance bus, taxi). But there’s still some place doesn’t have public transportation, like Eastern Taiwan. In that case, you might take Uber or Taxi or rent a car or motorcycle.

You will need to fuel up when you use the car or motorcycle(scooter), here’s some guide for you.

  • Two Major, Largest Gas (Petrol) Station in Taiwan
      • CPC (台灣中油), the color of the petrol station is BLUE.
      • Formosa (台塑), the color of the petrol station is GREEN.
      • There’s some other small company’s petrol station (for example: National, Taisugar, etc…) all of those company don’t produce gasoline, they buy gasoline from either CPC or Formosa corporation).

Figure1: CPC petrol station

Figure2: Formosa petrol station

  • Price of the gasoline
    • Most of the petrol station has same price, even if some petrol station has higher price, it won’t has too much price gap between normal gasoline price.
    • You can check the latest price on both CPC and Formosa website.
    • The unit to calculate gasoline in Taiwan is Liter(L), and use NTD$ to calculate the price per liter.
    • You can use credit card or cash to pay for the gasoline. (some station can take easycard and onepass card for small amount gasoline)
    • CPC price:
      • I couldn’t find CPC gasoline price English version website, so check the Chinese version website right hand side, there’s a table like below figure show, if you’re going to ride motorcycle you can check “> 92 …  26.7 …” it means “92 unleaded gasoline NT$26.7/liter”. If you’re going to drive a car, than most of the car is using 95 unleaded gasoline, so you can see the “> 95 … 28.2 ….” which means “95 unleaded gasoline NT28.2/liter.” (the price figure capture on 2018/1/4, latest price should go direct to CPC website check again.) Super Diesel is the “超級柴油 24.6 元/公升” = “Super Diesel NT$24.6/liter”.
    • Formosa price:
      • Formosa has an English version website so I will not explain more about it.
  • In Taiwan you don’t have to fuel up by yourself, there’s staff will help you in every station.
    • I know in many countries we have to fuel up by our own, but in Taiwan, every gas station has staff will help you to fuel up your car without any extra cost. So just go directly into the gas station and tell the staff which kind of gasoline you need and how many gasoline you need (you can tell them full tank加滿, or by liters like 5 liters, or by dollar amount like NT$500).
    • Some of the gas station offer self service area with some discount of gasoline but usually don’t have English version machine, so not suggest foreign to use it.
  • Unlike some large countries, in Taiwan, there’s gas station everywhere, unless you’re going to the mountain, otherwise most of the place are easy